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After a life time teaching English to young  immigrant students and writing or editing articles about public eduation, I retired to pursue my dream, writing fiction. In my work I try to honor the lives of the bravest people I know, my students, many who suffered unimaginable hardships to arrive in my classrooms.  My other passion is writing about, surprise!, older adults, because hey, we're still here, we matter, and  we celebrate life just as much as  younger generations, only there are very few authors writing about us.


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My first published work is a young adult novel,Finding Allison, inspired by a student who was brutally murdered. The story is about her best friend, a girl who went from being the most popular girl in her small town in Central America to being just another  invisible immigrant  "Spanish" kid in a large suburban middle school. The story is about her journey to "find her voice" again, in Spanish and in English, to protect her younger brother after the violent gang-related death  of her only friend. Coming next Fall, published by, in a low-literacy edition for English learners and in a secondary edition for all young adults in search of their identit


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My next project is a series of short stories and essays on life in the Sundown years, that inevitable period of life that we think will "never happen to me."Once you pass the cusp of 60 years on this earth you find that life and living is even more beautiful, yet at the same time, more bittersweet.  So much unsaid, so many hurts: lies and betrayals that cannot be undone. Is there still time? Follow me on Twitter @Sundown for updates and random unfiltered commentary.


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 Susan Zimmerman has cats, four of them.